The reasons for a split-up

According to statistics, every second marriage breaks up. Even if the basis of the created family was strong mutual love, we used apps like in Germany for meeting our next partner, and due to objective and subjective reasons, half of the married couples cannot save it themselves by using German hookup sites. The main reasons for divorce are hookup chat incompatibility of characters and attitudes, psychological and practical lack of readiness for family life, adultery, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, domestic disorder and material difficulties. All of them are pushing spouses to a decisive step – the filing of a petition for divorce. Here is just a statement for a divorce – an official document. And the requirements for the form and content of this official document do not allow the use of such narrow-minded language as “love has passed,” “husband drinks and beats” or “wife saws”.

How to justify the reason for the divorce?

Depending on the circumstances of the divorce proceedings, the statement of claim may or may not contain reasons for divorce: If the spouses have agreed on the termination of family life and filed for divorce by mutual consent, you could not give reasons for this. If one of the spouses does not agree with the termination of the marriage, the statement of claim must contain the reasons forcing the spouse to apply to the court for divorce. Based on these data, the court will be able to assess the probability of preserving the family, set a term for reconciliation, pre-determine the child’s place of residence and the way property is divided.

What reason to specify during a divorce?

The legislation does not provide a list of reasons for divorce. Therefore, the plaintiff faces a difficult task – to correctly formulate hookup dating the essence of the problem and bring to the court the impossibility of solving it in a different way than divorce. Practice shows that the most weighty and convincing reasons for a divorce is:

Personal reasons

For personal reasons for divorce, mutual cooling of feelings, loss of affection, loss of respect and trust, and even dislike of spouses to each other can be attributed. At first glance, this reason may seem rather emotional and not serious enough, but it is worth remembering the principles set out in Chapter 1 of the Family Code: “… building family relationships based on feelings of mutual love and respect, mutual assistance and responsibility …” Therefore, as a reason for divorce free sexting sites, you can write in the statement of claim: “We have lost the feelings of mutual love and respect, which serve as the basis for building a family. Therefore, we consider the further family life impossible “or” We feel a dislike for each other – this is an obstacle to the preservation of the family. ”

The various household reasons

Domestic causes include alcohol or drug addiction of one of the spouses, physical and psychological violence against the spouse or child, removal from the household and lack of domestic help, lack of interest in raising children and family communication. Pointing as the main reason for the divorce alcohol spouse, you should attach a certificate from the mental hospital on the treatment of a spouse, the testimony of witnesses. If the cause of the divorce is a beating, it is necessary to attach a certificate from the police about the receipt of calls, drawing up protocols and the application of administrative liability measures, as well as acts of a medical examination on the removal of beatings.